Sports Betting on Esports Online

July 8, 2020 0 By admin

Are you a sports fan whose anticipation is correct most of the time? If yes, have you ever tried your hand at sports betting? Sports betting is skill-based gambling where you put your money on an uncertain result. Sports betting is really popular among people, both casually and on a large scale with lots of money involved. 

All major and popular sports events have some sort of betting going on about them. The more popular the sport, the more is the money involved. Some of the popular sports and the method to bet on them are given below:

1. Tennis– Tennis is a popular sport. From the Wimbledon to the US Open, from the ATP tours to World Championships, tennis presents great scope for betting. Following are the ways to bet on tennis:

  • Bet on the winner – You can bet on individual matches and their results in both men’s and women’s categories. The betting is not only limited to the winner, but the number of sets played, scores in each set, etc.
  • Bet on the winning country – In Davis Cup you can bet which country will win the series.
  • Bet on tournament result – You can also bet in who will win the tournament, the runner ups, etc. One more popular betting type in tennis is who will stop the big players like Rafael Nadal.

2. Boxing– Combat sports come with a lot of action. Thus they are one of the best platforms for betting. Boxing is 토토스포 the major combat sport with betting at the amateur as well as professional level. Following are some tips you can follow to bet on boxing:

  • Match winner bet – You can simply bet on the player you think will win a match. The greater the match, the more amount is wagered. 
  • Round betting – Round betting is a good choice if you are not certain about the odds of the fight winner. You can predict how many rounds the match will last. Also, you can predict for each round, who will end it.
  • Round group betting – In this type, you do not have to specify one round where the fight will end, you can give a group or range of rounds.

Esports- Esports betting is gaining more popularity nowadays. Several online multiplayer games on Mobile, PC, Console, and PlayStation attract people to bet. The popular games for this are CS: GO, DotA 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, etc. Following are the ways bets are placed on E-sports:

  • Match winner– In games that are discrete in nature and played as individual matches, you can bet on the winner. You can bet on each round or on the whole game.
  • First blood– In combat or action type games you can bet, which player or team will achieve the first kill. You can also place the bet on who will be the first person to die.

MVP betting– You can also bet on who will be the most valuable player of the matches in different categories.